Elos Classic System 100 – Install Log

We are finally installing the Elos System for our office!  It is the Classic system but with an upgraded protein skimmer and top-off.  Some of you may remember we had a 180-gallon system in our office that we took down in order to remove the carpeting and install a more aquarium-friendly porcelain tile.  We had planned to re-install the tank after construction, but one of our customers liked it so well we sold it to him.

The new tile was stamped and precision cut, so we were able to install it with very little gap.  Here are some photos.  Stay tuned for the complete installation which will include lots of high end components.

Imported porcelain stamped tile 1/32" gap.

Imported porcelain stamped tile 1/32″ gap.

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  1. Toni McWilliams March 22, 2015 at 6:41 pm #

    Nice tile choice – I love the “credit card” grout lines.

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